Comprehensive coverage of Illinois marching bands

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Marching Bands

Oct. 6 ... Peoria Journal-Star photographers deliver in football.


Oct. 3 ... Bands of America Tournament of Roses Honor Band named, now raising funds.


Sept. 12 ... Normal Community High School.


Sept. 11 ... Rock Island High School.


Sept. 8 ... Lancer Joust kicks off competitive marching season in Chicago area.


Sept. 8 ... Naperville North High School.


Sept. 5 ... Washington Community High School.


Sept. 3 ... Central High School (Champaign).


Aug. 31 ... Central A&M High School.


Aug. 29 ... Morton High School.


Aug. 26 ... Salem Community High School.


Aug. 23 ... Hinsdale Central High School.


Aug. 21 ... Rock Falls High School.


Aug. 18 ... Paris Cooperative High School.

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