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One of our popular math demos is a simulation of a GeoBoard. No more need to replace the expensive manipulative: You can make quadrilaterals by moving vertices and see the properties update for instant feedback.

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Using assorted tools, such as Mathematica from Wolfram Research in Champaign, Ill., & Adobe Illustrator, we have made online manipulatives that let you learn math and play with graphics at the same time.

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Most of our math demos were created using Mathematica, a system for doing mathematics on computer made by Wolfram Research Inc. in Champaign, Ill. Their site features many more demos, so check it out (clearly, we can’t do it all ourselves).


Wolfram Research Inc.

The Voxitatis team is always updating the site and adding more lessons and math demos like the one pictured here. It's 100 percent free for you to browse, in an ad-free, commercial-free environment. In addition to the archived lessons we already had, based on the ILS (Illinois Learning Standards), the adoption of the Common Core standards by Illinois and many other states has inspired us to create a whole new body of work. Our library of lessons, demonstrations, and sample quiz questions is free for everyone to use.


Current Demo Count: The Latest The Word From One Math Expert

I really like your demos. I think they are easy to use and fun to explore. Students LOVE playing online, and with these, they can learn AND have fun!!

   –Bette Kundert, Math Specialist

   –Maryland State Dept. of Ed.

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