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Champaign Awaits

Using Voxitatis Stats, explore how each game might turn out. They’re just for fun, and some of the math behind the stats is just as exciting as the game itself—well, maybe.

Championships set for Friday, Saturday

Nov 18
Using a simulator and random number generator, we have made our predictions for the state championship games, here.

Nov 12
An analysis, using the quarter-finals, of our predictive stats for 2012.

Nov 4
Highest combined point total this season.

Nov 3
For two weeks in a row during the playoffs, Downers Grove North has won against the probability we determined. More surprises from Round 2 are listed here.

Oct 27
Unexpected results ... #13 Tinley Park (5-4) defeats #4 Westinghouse (6-3) in the closing minutes of a Class 5A game, and #5 Monticello (7-2) downs #4 Nokomis (8-1) in Class 3A.

Oct 27
2A ... #2 Chester (9-0) falls to #15 Althoff (6-3), mostly in the 3rd quarter; and #1 Eastland-Pearl City (9-0) just misses against #8 Orion (5-4).

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